Sacred Heart

of Jesus

High School

"Religion, Reason,

and Loving Kindness"


Why Choose Sacred Heart of Jesus High School?


Our pride is our Catholic Tradition. Sacred Heart of Jesus High School is committed to instructing and encouraging students in their Faith and Devotion to God. Through Magesterium approved materials, weekly prayer time and the celebration of Mass twice a week, Sacred Heart exposes its students to the Faith on a daily basis. Sacred Heart is a great fit for all religions because of our accepting environment and fostering discussion which broaden your student's global outlook.


We are a family. Sacred Heart prides itself in creating and maintaining a sense of familial unity throughout all four years. Students cultivate friendships that can help them now and in the future. Teachers are role models and leaders who are devoted to bettering and helping students in any way possible. As a family we facilitate learning through weekly tutoring dates, twice a week "Power-Hour", and an accessible, caring staff.

Our Method


Here at Sacred Heart of Jesus High School, we have adopted the Salesian method of "Religion, Reason and Loving Kindness." That is to say, we integrate rigorous study and prayerful preparation with every lesson, facet, and intention of Sacred Heart, encouraging and facilitating awareness of God-given talents and the development of these gifts through discipline, dedication, and direction.


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